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Back to basics with the Soap Saver

JoeSoap is a soap saver with a difference! The design incorporates holes in the centre to utilise the soaps natural ability to adhere to itself on either side of the soap saver. This means you will be making the most out of your soap and not being wasteful by throwing old slivers away! It can be used to build-up slivers of soap to a practical size for continual use and it can be reused endlessly so you can continue adding soaps to each side forever!

Instructions for using JoeSoap with your own soap slivers:

  • Take a selection of your soap slivers and soak them in water for about 30 minutes or until they become soft.
  • Drain the water and have your JoeSoap soap saver ready.
  • Squeeze your slivers onto either side of the JoeSoap. For optimum performance it is better to have an equal amount of soap on each side.

Continue to do this on either side of the JoeSoap soap saver until you have built up your soap. This can be done all at one time or over a period of time as and when you collect your slivers.

Use as you would a normal bar of soap!

Remember more soap slithers can be added as and when required, there is no limit to the number of slithers that can be added as the soap naturally reduces in size with use. Who can make the biggest soap?