Clean and Green and Saving the Worlds Resources

Soap Saver Boxes


Melt and Pour Recycle
Saving resources, money and most importantly soap is so easy we have put it in a box!

We have teamed up with a handmade soap maker who creates luxurious soap with fantastic fragrances! You can choose from our collection of soaps and combine together any two fragrances by placing them to either side of JoeSoap to create your very own choice of combinations. We’re not just any old JoeSoap!

Instructions for using Joe Soap with our moulded Joe’s soap:

  • Decide on your combination of soap – Be it Coconut and Watermelon, or Lemon and Lavender etc. Remove from packaging and have your JoeSoap ready!
  • With the flat side towards the soap saver, place your choice of any two soaps around your new JoeSoap soap saver.
  • Squeeze firmly for a few seconds and……hey presto! You have your new soap ready to use!

This is where the soap saving comes in..

Our boxes come with a FREE soap mould. Don’t throw this away!! This is designed so that you can recycle all the soap and soap slivers that you don’t want to throw away.

When you use your JoeSoap with the combinations of soap inside the box, naturally the soap wears down to a sliver, this is what you will use to make your recycled bar of soap out of, so keep these too! Once you have used all the soap in the box, and kept the soap slivers that are too small to use – You are ready to make a new bar! You can also add other soap slivers from around the house, maximising your saving!

Instructions for using Joe Soap with recycled soap:

  • Chop up all the soap  you want to recycle (remember to add in any other ingredient you want, peel, sand, pumis) and add soap to a plastic microwavable cup (50g worth of soap per bar)
  • Place in the microwave for 30 second (then another 10 second if not fully melted) remove, pour into the JoeSoap soap mould then leave to stand until cool.
    Add booster …..Usually 2hours does it!
  • Top tip, Make sure your soap is fully cooled before removing (you could even put it in the
  • Pop the soap out of the mould and give yourself a pat on the back! Grab your JoeSoap and squeeze two of your soaps firmly to either side.
    You’re done! You have officially made soap*


Booster drops!
Now your getting good! If you are this far down the Make Soap page looking for new ideas, we’ve got one for you.

So, you’ve got to the stage where making soap just isn’t exciting enough for you, well we’ve got a treat in store for you. We have been working hard with our Handmade soap producers to find more and more ways for you to customise and modify your soap making it unique and perfect for you! We have come up with Booster drops.

These little bundles of joy are placed in the melted soap just after you have poured it into the mould. Once the soap is set they are sealed for freshness and are nestled inside the soap ready to be broken into after a few uses, releasing their fragrance continuously.