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Make Soap

Making Soap with Joe Soap



Making soap is fun & exciting & now for the first time EASY with the JoeSoap Starter Kit.


Take your chopped soap from the soap bag (you can add your own chopped soap if you wish).
Place in a plastic beaker ready to microwave.


Put your other bits of soap you want to recycle in the soap mould.
Be creative & carve them into individual shapes. Putting in a coin encourages the kids to use soap.
Place the beaker in the microwave & set away on full power for about 30 seconds.
Pour into the mould. Let the mould stand for about 2 hour (less if you put it in the fridge).
When fully cool & set, pop them out & attach to the JoeSoap SoapSaver.


Congratulations you’ve made very your own bar of soap, take a shower.

Remember Safety First

For all the little people out there who would like to make their own soap, remember to ask a big adult person to help out with the hard bits. No Knives or microwaves without them. Soap can get extremely hot so only a big person is allowed to do this bit & pour.