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What people are saying about Joe Soap


Love it! Spent two hours making all sorts of flavours and scents, now about to run a bath to use them! Thank you JoeSoap, I've wanted to recycle my soap for years, you have given me the solution! Smells so great!
Rupert N, London
received a box of mixed soap for christmas the soaps are lovely and smell delicious i store my soap in my wardrobe until im ready to use it would definitely buy again
carol, spennymoor
Bought two of the JoeSoap savers as stocking fillers for my Dad and sister. My Dad has always liked to save soap slivers so is making good use of his and my sister said it is good to use with the olive oil soap she gets from Greece.
Susan Whittle, County Durham
I love your scent.....
ann, newcastle
Absolutely love it, the soaps smell wonderful, they make my whole bathroom fragrant ! The quality of the soap is fantastic and the aroma is heavenly. Love the concept of the soap saver and cant wait to make my own soap!!
What a fantastic idea!!

Tracey, spennymoor
Brilliant for the kids to make their own soap.
We put a pound coin in one bar & I've never known my kids wash their hands so much....!

Geoff, Sheffield
Thank you so much for the wonderful box of tropical soaps - saver and mould - they smell absolutely gorgeous - I will definitely be referring you to my family and friends - I cannot stop smelling them
Dawn, Swansea
JoeSoap now in action in my bathroom - Brilliant
Great fun putting it together with the 5 year old!

Paul , Dorset
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant..... Just what I've been looking for!

Not only can I now use up my bits of soap but I can see a whole new hobby making my own soap in your mould.

Now I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year....

Jon, UK
Found it on eBay what a brilliant concept, wife loved the different fragrances and green to boot
Well done Joe

Mike Smith, Midlands