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Here are three new things we would like to share with you…

A unique devise that allows you to combine any two of your favourite fragrances onto one bar of soap. How do you do it? JoeSoap.

As you can see in the pictures around the site JoeSoap sits effortlessly between the two fragrances you want to combine.

Choose your two soaps, place them either side of JoeSoap, squeeze and Hey Presto! suddenly, as if by magic you have your JoeSoap up and running.

Save Soap.
What, JoeSoap can do more? Yes! JoeSoap is also a Soap Saver, in fact this was the original reason JoeSoap was invented, to save the worlds soap… and some money in the process!

When you buy a JoeSoap Box you get a soap mould inside, keep this. When you use your JoeSoap with the combinations of soap inside the box, naturally the soap wears down to a sliver, this is what you will use to make your recycled bar of soap out of, so keep these too! Once you have used all the soap in the box, and kept the soap slivers that are too small to use – You are ready to make a new bar! You can also add other soap slivers from around the house in this process, don’t be afraid to experiment!

It takes 2 minutes to make the soap in the mould, and 2 hours for it to set. For full details of how this process works visit the Save Soap page.

Make Soap.
‘What more can JoeSoap do!’ I hear you cry.Once you have got to the creative stage of wanting to make your very own soap, the Make Soap page is the one to visit. There you can buy everything you need to make every soap you desire. We have given you some direction for soap we have tried to make, but be adventurous! Mix different fragrances together, add boosters for more intense flavours, and get artistic with colour! JoeSoap can inspire anyone to make their own soap, so visit the Make Soap page, this is the doorway to your own soap making future.

May the Soap be with you,
– Team JoeSoap

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