Save Soap

JoeSoap allows you to use up all those bits of old soap slivers to make a re-usable bar of soap! Also, find other soap saving tips.

Shop Soap

Choose from our range of Tropical, Spice & Herb and Fruit Boxes to find your favourite combination of fragrances!

Make Soap

Use the JoeSoap mould and soap ingredients to make new soap. Also, get ideas for your next JoeSoap combination.

Welcome to JoeSoap

JoeSoapJoeSoap: an innovative product giving you everything you need to save and recycle soap.

JoeSoap can be used in 3 different ways:


1. Save Soap:

JoeSoap used as a SoapSaver:

The design incorporates holes in the centre utilizing soaps natural ability to adhere to itself. Press softened soap slivers on either side of the soap saver. It can be used to build-up slivers of soap to a practical size for continual use. You can continue adding soaps to each side endlessly!

See our Save Soap page.


2. Handmade Soap

Combine fabulous fragrances:

JoeSoap allows you to combine any two of your favourite fragrances onto one bar of soap. Our luxurious handmade soaps fit perfectly and come in three themes:

Fruit, Tropical and Herb & Spice

Once you have chosen your combination place your two soaps either side of JoeSoap, squeeze and Hey Presto! You now have your JoeSoap up and running.

See our Soap Shop page.


3. Make Soap

Making soap is fun, exciting and now for the first time easy, with JoeSoap Make Soap Boxes. Our starter kit includes a JoeSoap mould, diced soap and allows you to recycle soap.


See our Make Soap page.